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Your Guide to Avoid Getting Scammed and Learn How to Earn Money Online For Free

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There are many people asking me questions regarding PTC (Paid-to-Click), so I decided to write this post to share a little knowledge to our readers about this subject matter and guide them on how to really earn real money from these websites and how to avoid getting scammed.

 Question 1: What is PTC?
Answer: PTC or Paid-to-Click is a type of online marketing strategy that aims to attract people into clicking/viewing paid advertisements within their website.

Question 2: Why is PTC very popular?
Answer: PTC websites attract its members by offering them with monetary or non monetary rewards based on their activity (number of ad clicks/views) and number of referrals. The concept is similar to Multi-Level-Marketing and Viral-Marketing wherein members become exponential.
Question 3: Why are there so many PTC websites?
Answer: This type of online business became hype and reached its peak during the year 2003-2006 when the internet became very accessible and affordable to many people. Hundreds of thousands of internet users wanting to earn money signed up and many website owners and developers saw the potential, thus it had spread like wildfire across the internet.
Question 4: Is PTC a form of SCAM?
Answer: While I cannot deny that scam websites are very rampant these days especially when there is money involved, but there are still a handful of PTC websites that are known to be good payers. I would probably say that more than 80% of all current PTC websites are Scam, or at least are holding the payment of their members. Be very careful in choosing which PTC websites to join in so you won’t end up wasting your time and energy.
Question 5: How do PTC websites make money?
Answer: Websites dealing with PTC earns a lot of money by numerous ways. Some of their most common sources of incomes are: a) Selling advertisement services to their clients b) Selling premium membership plans or upgrades to its users c) Selling artificial referrals or down-lines to active members.
Question 6: How do you earn money from PTC?
Answer: Most PTC websites offer an average of $.001-$0.05 per advertisement view and there is always a limit on how many ads you can view per day. So you really can’t make much money out of clicking ads only.
The real secret to earn a good amount of money is to get referrals or down-lines. Most PTC websites will pay you for each person that you can bring in who will sign up with them. There are also some sites who will give you a percentage of commission from your referral’s earnings.
Question 7: How much money can you really earn from PTC?
Answer: The amount of money you will earn will really depend on how active you are in participating in the website and how efficient you are in recruiting new members.
Some dedicated people that I know are earning at least $1,000/month . But if you just want to click on the ads yourself because you’re too shy to refer your friends, then you can probably expect around $10/month. Not bad considering that you did not pay anything and it was just done for fun.
Earnings example (based on current averages $0.01 per click)
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.1
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $1.5
» Your daily earnings = $1.6
» Your weekly earnings = $11.2
» Your monthly earnings = $48
» Now multiply this to the no. of PTC sites you have = Voila!
Here are some guidelines on how you can maximize your income and avoid getting scammed:
1.) Research about which PTC websites are legitimate and avoid PTC sites that have bad reputations because it will just be a waste of your time.
2.) Register to as many legitimate and PTC sites as you can and prioritize those sites that offers good amount of money.
3.) Familiarize yourself with the PTC website’s processes, procedures and policies. Each PTC site may have its own requirement and rules that you have to follow.
4.) Track all your different PTC usernames and password. Do not use the same password for all of your accounts for your security.
5.) Make sure to create only one account for each PTC website. Most PTC sites will terminate your membership and disqualify your earnings if you are caught cheating.
6.) Login to your account and start earning money by clicking on the available ads. Do not forget to login to your account regularly, since most PTC sites will deactivate your account if not used for a long period of time.
7.) Start referring as many people as you can. This is where you can to earn a lot of money, so be very creative. I suggest you take advantage of free online resources that are readily available to you such as: Blogs, Chat, Email, Free Ads, Social Networking and many others.
Take into account that there are billions of people using the internet, and almost everyone wants to earn money.
If you want to start Earning Money now, follow this easy step-by-step guide I prepared below:
Press CTRL-D to save this website to your Favorites so you can easily return to this page.

Step 1.) Sign up a Free Email Account.
I find Yahoo! mail very convenient because you can make folders to sort out email coming from different websites

Step 2.) Sign up for Free Payment Account.
This is very important since you will be using this as a convenient way to receive your payment from most PTC websites instead of you waiting for a check.

a.) Sign up with Alertpay. (click the logo to open in new window)

b.) Sign up with Paypal. (click the logo to open in new window)
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Step 3.) Register to PTC Websites.

Now that you have a free email and a free online payment processor, you can now start registering an account with some of these PTC websites. Just click on each banner one by one to open the registration site on a separate window.

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Clixsense (click the logo to open in new window)

Earnings: Clicks are $0.01 or more. Get $0.10 for each new referral. You also earn 10% of the revenues from your referrals.
Premium members: will get paid up to FIVE LEVELS deep for referrals who upgrade their accounts to Premium accounts!
Payment: Pays via check monthly. $10 minimum payout.
Referrer: earnfrompc

ARA-Bux (click the logo to open in new window)

Join now and receive a $1.00 Sign-up Bonus
Earnings: Standard members get paid $0.01 for each website viewed and $0.01 for each website viewed by referrals.
Premium members: get paid $0.0125 for each website viewed and $0.0125 for each website viewed by referrals.
Referrer: earnfrompc

PalmBux (click the logo to open in new window)

Earnings:: Payment per ad click $ 0.01, Earn per referal click: $ 0.005
Minimum Payout: $ 5.00
Referrer: earnfrompc

UnoBux (click the logo to open in new window)

Earnings: Payment per ad click $ 0.01, Earn per referal click: $ 0.01
Minimum Payout: $ 2.00
Referrer: earnfrompc

NeoBux (click the logo to open in new window)

Earnings: Clicks are up to 1 cent. referrals’ clicks are up to 100%
Payment: Pays via AlertPay, Paypal.
Referrer: earnfrompc

Cash-Harvest (click the logo to open in new window)
Earnings: Up to 0.5 cent per click and up to 0.3 cent per surf link
Payment: Paid via PayPal and AlertPay $2.00 minimum payout
Referrer: earnfrompc
ChillBux (click the logo to open in new window)
Earnings: 0.01$ Referal click: 0.01$
Payment: AlertPay. $5 minimum payout
Referrer: earnfrompc
ProsperBux (click the logo to open in new window)
Earnings: 0.01$ Referal click: 0.01$
Payment: AlertPay. $3 minimum payout
Referrer: earnfrompc
I will research and add more of these income generating websites so we can earn more extra money. Remember to save this website on your favorites by pressing CTRL-D.
Pls. let me know if there are Scam PTC that may have been included on my list so I can remove them immediately.

If you want to learn more about other home based business opportunities and want to earn money online for free. You can sign up to become a part of our group. Membership is absolutely FREE.

Visit: Earn From PC


My First Step: Merchant Accounts

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As my favorite saying goes:
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

Today, I made my first and probably the most significant step towards my financial goal: Having a legitimate Merchant Account

I learned that having an online payment processing account is very crucial to any online business, because it will literally serve as your online cash register, where most of the money transactions will take place.

As a first timer, I am very happy and I feel really delighted for having achieved this goal, because not only I was able to setup my first ever account, but I was able to register 3 different online payment processing system within a single day.

For those of you who have no payment account yet, I encourage that you get one now while it’s still FREE and then just thank me later.

(If you want to learn more about setting up a Merchant Account, pls continue to read on.)


Account number 1: PayPal  Premiere Account 

This is the company that immediately comes to my mind whenever I think about online payments. I never tried looking at it before because like most concerned people, I was always hesitant to use my credit card in any kinds of online transaction. But since PayPal already made a very good reputation as a payment system, I decided to finally give it a shot.


I was just planning on getting a regular payment account, but then I was amazed when I realize that they offer a Free PayPal Merchant Account, I never even thought that I can have something like this before since I don’t have a company and a .com website yet. But they made it very easy and it only takes a few simple steps to follow.

Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Go to PayPal

(right click on the logo, and open it in a new window)
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Step 2: Sign up for a free Premiere Account.

Step 3: Complete the registration form.

Step 4: Login to your email and confirm your registration.

Step 5: Verify your Credit Card account by checking your online bill or monthly statement.

Note: PayPal will process a $1.95 fee, but it will be refunded to your account once the verification is complete. 

Account number 2: ALERTPAY Personal Pro


AlertPay works almost similar to PayPal, it will let you send and receive money online. It is also important that you create an Alertpay account if you want to earn money from the internet because this is what most Paid-to-Click or Paid-to-Answer websites are using to pay their members. Registering is free and easy.

Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Go to ALERTPAY

(right click on the logo below, and open it in a new window)

Step 2: Sign up for a free Personal Pro Account.

Step 3: Complete the Registration.

Step 4: Login to your email and confirm the registration.


Account number 3: Google Merchant Account

There is no doubt and I believe we all agree that Google is one the greatest success stories in history!

This company, founded by current multi-billionaires Larry Page and Sergey Brin has spanned all the way from its humble beginning as a search algorithm project that has become the world’s most popular and widely used search engine.

Google is also one of the most admirable and well respected companies today for being such a good provider of free access to quality services and information . They have captured our hearts by giving us free Gmail accounts, Gtalk, Blogger, GooglePages, and my personal favorite, Google Earth, which allows us to see high resolution satellite images of the entire Earth and the stars in the universe. Now, they have also conquered the world of business and finance.

Through the introduction of their online marketing programs such as Adsense and Adwords, they have made a lot of small businesses succeed and helped many ordinary people earn money online and some became millionaires. So when I heard about Google Checkout and Google Merchant Account. I did not waste any more time and registered right away.

Here are the easy steps :

Step 1: Go to Google Checkout

(right click on the logo below, and open it in a new window)

Step 2: Sign in with your existing Google email or Sign up for a new Google Account.

Step 3: Confirm the email address that you want to be associated with your Google Merchant Account.

Step 4: Complete the Registration.


I hope you find this blogpost helpful, especially for those of you who are just starting out like me.

I you are interested to join me in this wonderful and exciting journey, I created a website where everyone can freely join so we can all work together as a team to share different ideas and help each other in achieving our common goal: to Work from Home, Earn money online and become Financially Free.

You can register to: http://www.earnfrompc.tk/ See you there!

(Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions) 



Road to Financial Freedom!

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I dedicate this Blog to my family, friends, and everyone who are diligently seeking for ways on how to achieve success and financial freedom in their lives. I hope that that this site will someday become instrumental to your own success story.

I will do my best to share my experiences, downturns and progress as I travel along this new path that I have chosen.

Today, I stop being an employee. And start my Journey into the Road of my Financial Freedom.